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 The Huddle - a ministry to single moms 

...encourage one another and build each other up
       - 1 Thess 5:11a 

What is The Huddle about?

One night, after an all out impossible day, I plopped down on the couch,  absolutely exhausted with nothing left to give to the three little ones down the hall expecting dinner, help with homework, love, attention, laughter, bath time and the whole bedtime routine.  Through a simple fist bump to my husband, I was able to tap out and he took over to give me some respite.  I know and love many single moms, and to those who strive to take this call to motherhood seriously and strive toward doing it well.  I have the greatest respect for single moms who have come out of so many horrible situations,  struggling to hang on to their kids and give them a better life.  But you know, at the end of their exhausting days...there is no one to fist bump to get a night off.  When you see one of these women continue on through the fatigue and depression to give their kids meals, love and attention, it's so humbling.  The Huddle has FINALLY been born after years of having the desire to meet with single moms and encourage them to press on through the tough times,  follow Christ to gain knowledge, guidance,  freedom and a more peaceful walk. To see them encourage and advise each other is amazing and to get calls from them asking life questions just blesses my heart.  To love them and be loved by them makes me so happy. Showing them how it looks to give and love without strings attached has made them ask "why?"  "I've never met anyone that didn't expect anything back."  All I can say is I follow Jesus and what has been put deep in my heart for years.  To love one another and build each other up and these moms need that and that is what we give. 

How can I participate in The Huddle?

Send me a message using the section below or text 210-999-0437 and indicate interest in the Huddle.   We currently meet at the SAMMs campus on Blanco road.  We provide dinner, encouraging conversation, lessons gleaned from the Bible, fun activities and childcare with RSVP.  It's all FREE!!   I hope to meet you, single momma, and let you know you are NOT alone and it can get better if only because you have a friend walking beside you.   Do your part!!  Reach out and then come get involved. Hope to see you!

The next Huddle will be held on Sunday evening, 07/21/2024 4:30-6:30pm.

Join the Huddle!

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Huddle, please contact us.  

If you need childcare, please include the children's ages and names.

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